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4 months

4 months on fertility treatments and still nothing. Starting to think its just not meant to be.

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Fertility treatments

100% positive i ovulated yesterday. Late, of course. But the Clomid is working so I cant complain. Now i just need to do the deed again tonight and hopefully I will end up with the result I'm looking for. FINGERS CROSSED!

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I have a specialist appointment with a fertility dr tomorrow to try and figure out why i don't ovulate. I hope i can at least give myself a chance at having one child before i run out of time. Justin wont go he's too embarrassed. This is gonna cost a fortune thank god I'm getting 1800 back in taxes to pay for this shit. Lets see how all this pans out.

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All I want is to get pregnant and have a baby. 1 thing. Why is that so hard?!

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Whaddup LJ

It's been like, 5-6 years lol.


I've joined this so called revolution called Twitter..


Now if I could only figure out how to use the damn thing it would make life a bit easier.


So I got married yesterday.

Thus begins my married life in Australia.

Things have been busy, I'm so tired and worn out from yetserday.

My new Husband.

Our Cake.

Our Rings.

The Signing Table.


Not much to say really.

Settling in nicely in my new home with Juzz. Everything is good although I am getting a bit stir crazy and feeling the pressure with me needing to find a new job and everything. It overwhelms me a lot because I don't even know where to begin with it all. I barely even know my way around much less trying to find a place easy enough for me to get to so I can make some money. Ahh stress.....gotta love it.

Went out with Juzz over the weekend for a long scenic drive to the Brisbane coast. Was lovely and it's starting to get very warm out now. Kinda worries me because all I hear is about how hot it will eventually be getting.

The pictures are here so far Yay for piccy links!

Juzz looks so freaking smexy driving his car...Imma go give him hugs now >.<

Juzz Driving

Juzz has such a lovely and down to earth family. I can see myself settling here nicely and not really being as worried about things as I have in the past. Having the support I do here so far makes things just a bit easier.

Thats about it though. Can't believe I finally made it here, and that things are truly starting to look positive.

1st Post in Australia

Settling in to my new home in Australia. Don't have any internet yet so Im stealing someone's wifi :(

First off, I love it here! LOVE IT! It's such a gorgeous country, and the pride for the people here in their country is very refreshing. Everything in the stores is "Australian Made" if it's not it's generally left on the shelf. Being the questioning person I am I had to ask why that was and its to help keep the australian people employed and support people with their jobs here. Sounds like a damn good reason to me.

Anyway I have been here for a little under a month and I have my brand new Driver's license which makes me want to cry because I hate the picture so much, its the worst picture of me ever and I don't like having to show it to anyone, my hair was pulled back in a mess and I look like a boy.

Justin is the love of my life and I can't wait to get married to him in January, although he is the laziest person I have ever met he is still good to me, and his family is absolutely brilliant.

I love our car:

I haven't taken pictures of the house yet or the beach but I will over the weekend.

It's great here. All I need to do now is find a job and I will be happy and set. I think I will like my life here :D

I had a nasty run in with one of these ><

*link removed*

Panic attack quickly followed :*( I cried a lot. But I will leave that story for another time. I'm getting tired.


My flight to Australia leaves tomorrow night.

Needless to say I am freaking out!