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I got a beta key for the new Warcraft expansion Wrath of the Lich King!

*Insert Nerdy Glee*

T Minues 10 days and counting...

So, I've got like 10 days left until I fly out to Australia. 10 freaking days. This waiting is starting to drive me freaking batty. So sick of it, just want it all to be over so I can move, get married, find a job and get on with my miserable bitchy life.

Justin moves into the new villa on Monday. Hope he can manage living there a week and a half without me.

All I got to say is there better not be loads of dishes, laundry and garbage for me when I get there...I know what men are like :P

/sigh I'm ready to get the hell out of the UK and move to the sunny coast ><

Got to go and give the bank 1100£ on monday to pay off my credit card in full.....so not wanting to do that, but I can't risk anything bad following me to Australia..new life = fresh start.

The Rest of My Life...

Started today.... when my fiance visa was approved. This means I can freely move to Australia now!! I booked my ticket today and I am leaving on August the 19th! I am so freaking excited and scared it isn't even funny. My life is going to change. Im getting married in January and I am hoping everything will work out for the better.

I'm dead scared and dead excited about this!

Now i need to mail my passport to the Australian High Commission so they can put my visa in it and put in my months notice at work, then I start packing.... Holy Shit!

6 month recap!

So, it's been I dunno how long since I last posted. Doubt anyone really cares, but I'll make a quick update....

Things have been busy busy busy. I am working full time again at a residential home for Alzheimer's Residents. Its not a bad job, pretty laid back compared to what I am used to.

I'm still prepping for my fiance visa to move to Australia to be with Juzz.

We set our wedding date for January 13th 2009. If I make it there by then that is.

Saving money to move argh, seems like it's getting nowhere.

And I still play WoW when I can, now that I switched to Horde completely and permanently I am enjoying myself far more.

That's it really, I suppose if there was more happening and more going on I would post more frequently. But alas, my life is frantic with a twinge of boring at the moment.

WoW Addiction

Le sigh. I know I have a WoW addiction lol. There just isn't fuck all to do with myself while I'm waiting for this job to come through and all the shit to come back on my Australian Fiance Visa.

Meet my toons:

Oona, my Holy Priest. Level 70. +1800 heals :D

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Lol, I have so many more on various servers hehe. But these are my mains.


Well, Juzz came....and left. He was here for a blissfully amazing 2 weeks that went by so super quick my head was spinning.

I miss him more than words could ever describe. I feel so utterly and completely lost without him. I cried so much yesterday watching him drive off, not knowing if and when I would see him again.

Im going to marry him, my heart of hearts knows that if I can't have him and live a happy life then i'll wither away and die.

Me and Juzz

I'm dying to speak to him again :(

Hopefully I can get my fiance visa and shit sorted out so I can make it over there by april. The thought of moving to Australia is really starting to grow on me and I am getting more and more excited just thinking about it.


Only a few more months and we will be together.

My heart hasn't hurt this much in such a long time.

I miss him more than anything, I can't wait to hold him in my arms.

This time next year, I'll be living with him in Australia, married to him, and possibly carrying his baby...if I am lucky enough.

I need him.
I've been meaning to make a post in here the last week or so and just never got around to it.

I got a job! I actually start today, I have to leave in like 10 minutes. It's part time to start out with but hopefully they will give me more hours soon so I can really get the money I need together for my big planned move to Australia.

I need to be with him so badly it hurts me every day. I love him more than anything else, and I want to be close to him now more than ever. The fact that I can't kills me. God I need him.

January is so far away still :|

Anyway, that's about all the news I have for the time being. noth
Yay, got my laptop back, thank fuck for that! I thought I was gonna go completely crazy without being able to talk to my angel!

Got a phone call today from that job I applied for, I have a job interview on Monday at 2pm. YAY! Even though it is a care worker job in a Residential Home, I am still looking forward to it, as it will bring me one step closer to getting to Australia!

Fingers fucking crossed I get this job as it will definitely help me get to my 3k goal for Aussie moving money XD

Fuck I wish I was able to move there next month or something. Im going insane without him <3


So 2 days ago, things got really weird with my laptop, stuttering sound, slow program openings etc. Warcraft became impossible to play, etc. OS X Crashing, random shut offs etc.

So, I looked up Qualified Official Apple Service Providers in the area. And phoned around to see if there was anything I could do or if there was someway anyone could help me sort it out.

The fans stopped working as well, and the keyboard felt like i was gonna burst into flames.

Anyway, I found a shop about 20 minutes car ride away, phoned them, they tried random over the phone tests with me, and no results, so they had me bring it in.

Phones a taxi, cost me 20£ ffs there and back argh.

Good thing my laptop is still under warranty, cus they phoned me a few hours later to tell me that the motherboard is shot to shit and that they had to order a replacement. 4-7 business days until I get my machine back.

I am so pissed off and frustrated. I don't care about the laptop fucking up, what shits me, is I have to go a week and over the weekend without fucking talking to Juz and that to me is like fucking torture!

Argh anger....boredom....frustration!

I want my fucking machine back :/