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Insane Ramblings

3 August 1981
Phlebotomist by day! Photographer by night!
30 seconds to mars, a perfect circle, afi, alice in videoland, animation, anne rice, anubis, aragwen, art, artwork, assemblage 23, ben stiller, biting, black, black eye liner, blurty, body art, boots, broken souls, butterflies, candles, cats, celtic magick, cernunnos, cheese, chevelle, chocolate, cigarettes, clear static, club decease, complex, cradle of filth, customization, daisies, dead can dance, dead roses, deathilicious, decay, deviant, digital, diva destruction, ebm, egyptian magick, electronica, europe, ever, evil dead, faeries, freak, freaks, ghosts, goths, green, gummi bears, him, horror movies, icon making, idyll, ireland, isis, jack off jill, jesse, jet li, jewelery, katatonia, kazaa, kidney thieves, lacuna coil, ladytron, leaves eyes, lestat, linda bergkvist, lipgloss, living dead dolls, lullacry, lunarclick, magick, mediaeval baebes, metal, mexican food, michelle, miranda sex garden, money, morbid stuff, music, nightmares, orange juice, paganism, pentagrams, pez, photo manipulation, photoshop, pixelghetto, pixies, poetry, pretzels, psp7, pxg, queen adreena, rasputina, red hair dye, romance, scary movies, sci-fi, sex, sexy vampires, shadows, shiny toy guns, skindive, smallville, smoking, snakes, spongebob, strawberries, suffocation, swimming, switchblade symphony, synth, synth pop, synth rock, synthpop, synthrock, tapping the vein, tarot, tattoo, techno, the anix, the birthday massacre, the cure, the vision bleak, thestart, tori amos, type o negative, unique, vampires, vanity beach, velvet, vodka, water, webcaming, witchcraft, within temptation, wolfsheim, wumpscut, zeromancer